Beach Body Infusion

Burn fat, vaporize cellulite and maintain a healthy blood pressure with these ingredients

This recipe is tart at first, but once the watermelon takes hold, the flavor turns into a shouting melon. Make this concoction before you go to the gym.

Cube ¼ to ½ a cup of fresh or frozen watermelon.
Gently scrunch 3 to 7 raspberry brambles. You can use fresh or frozen. Frozen will serve you longer, but takes more time to get the full-bodied taste out of them.
For hibiscus tea use, try a couple different methods. The first method is to use pre-steeped tea after it has already been chilled.
The second method is to place hibiscus tea leaves or tea bags inside the "Strawberra" tea infuser then set inside the infuser water bottle. 

The best time to drink this is during your hardest workouts. Keep refilling it until you leave the gym. Watermelon and raspberry helps reduce post-workout recovery time.